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About Kung Sverker

M / S Kung Sverker operates Göta channel on the Motala - Borensberg - Motala route.


The vessel has been operating this stretch since 1989 and is a very popular attraction in Motala. The fact that we own and operate the activities ourself guarantees that we always provide our guests with the absolute best service.


Over the years we have had many happy guests returning year by year, many believe this is the best trip along the entire Göta Canal. All food is cooked on board from the highest quality raw materials. During the summer we work almost all the time, but hearing the guests' appreciated comments after the trip is our big reward.


I, the captain of M / S Kung Sverker, is Olaf Svensson

Ship Facts

Length: 22.9
Width: 4.8
Djupg: 2.5
Passengers: 75
Restaurant: 60
Year built: 1907
Main machine: ScaniaDSI11
Help Machine: PerkinsM90
PerkinsM90: 25kW, 380/220
Gross tonnage: 67
Net Tonnage: 20
Signal letters: SMTP
Speed: 11 knot

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