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Cruise on
Göta Canal

Motala - Borensberg - Motala

Day Cruises Göta Canal with the steepest locks on the canal

With M/S Kung Sverker, you will experience a guided tour along the most beautiful part of the canal. During the journey which takes 5 hours we pass 12 locks. We pass cultural areas such as Baltzar von Platen's grave, Charlottenborgs Castle and Motala Verkstad factory area. It was here that the Swedish industrial revolution started. Eventually we approach locks in Borenshult, which is the canal's steepest and consists of five interconnected locks with a total height difference of more than 15 meters. It is a spectacular sight. After lockage we find ourselves on the beautiful Lake Boren. Here we will pass Birgittas Udde and Castle Ulfåsa before we reach Borensberg were we make a stop in about 40 minutes before returning to Motala.

We leave the port of Motala and goes directly into the canal's eastern section. The first lock is used for regulate the water level in the canal stretch ahead of us, and the difference in level is usually very small, hardly noticeable.

After passage of the two bridges we find just Greve Baltzar von Platen's grave, which lies on the northern banks of the canal. Historical facts and myths about the prelude to canal construction is given, and presented course Baltzar von Platen, like the men, women and children, who were helping him with the construction.

To the right of us we have the Motala Stream, which has a somewhat parallel course with the canal. We also see Charlotte's Castle, built by the General Levenhaupt in the 1700 century.

After passage of the Charlottenborg bridge we approach "Motala Workshop". Gota Canal was never quite the importance that von Platen was hoping for, but the building itself was actually the introduction to the Swedish industrial revolution. "Motala Workshop" has been called the birth of Swedish industrialization. Technical Director at the workshop was for many years in the mid-1900 century Otto Carlsund, and we find Carlsund monument on the south bank. We pass straight through the workshop and finds a lot of genuine and picturesque buildings around it, and in connection with the same. We are now approaching the lock at Borenshult, which consists of 5 pieces connected locks. The total height difference here is 15.3 meters ie over 3 meters in each lock, which allows them to channel steepest lock staircase.


Travel time Motala Borenshult locks about 50 minutes. Time down the locks about 20 minutes. About 1 hour after departure Motala, we are now at Lake Boren said the lunch appropriately served. The passage of the lake takes about 50 minutes, and from the lake, you see the ruin of St. Birgita home, Ulfåsa, who for nearly 30 years was the home of St. Bridget. We can also see the newer castle of Ulfåsa, which is the origin dated in the late 1500s.

We approach Borensberg where we make a short stop. Nowadays, perhaps best known for its location right at the Gota Canal. Reverse the trip offers course on the same sites, although lockage in the "uphill" of the most experienced as more dramatic and exciting. Borensberg to Motala also ends with a small turn in the interior of Motalaviken, the so-called Platen Point is visited and presenteras.Baltzar von Platen was a man of many different professions. Canal Builders of course, but also a naval officer, farmer, parliamentarians, viceroy in Norway, and Town Planner! von Platen is responsible for town planning in Motala, and at this planning he assumed from this point, which is today marked with a piece of art and a high fountain.

Journey Borensberg-Motala normally takes just over 2 hours

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